Leonidas & Hobbes / Aranath / Hobbes Music

Leonidas & Hobbes are finally back after topping a whole load of “Best Of” charts with Web Of Intrigue in 2017. They now have a new 7 track E.P. lined-up on their  Hobbes Music imprint – the vinyl version of which is being Kickstarted here. 

Into It is deep house – swimming sonic seas of warm, spine-tingling swells and pads, busy with gated melodies and countering keys. Its 8-minute journey punctuated by a mutated vocal sample, that just might be a pitched-down James Brown. Doin` it, you know, like-a like-a sex machine. For the final third, L&H then boost the bass and dive even deeper. As part of the digital package you get an additional ambient mix – to employ and toy with crowd tension. The music’s drama amazingly more evident when devoid of drums. 

The duo have also stripped the kick from their previous hit – the Long Haul Mix recasting Web… as a cinematic suite of programmed pizzicato patterns, dustbowl storms and synthesized hot desert winds. Organ chords suggesting a Mexican standoff, while resurrecting Ennio Morricone in the mariachi brass blasts and Spanish strum. 

Aranath features the considerable skills of multi-instrumentalist Riad Abji – demonstrating his chops on cello and tanpura. The former moving between Middle Eastern mysteries and Arthur Russell’s avant-garde ache. The latter raising a raga of sitar-like buzz and drone. Both buoyed by a boisterous acidic 4 / 4 bottom-end bounce. The sampled snatch of spoken word this time should be familiar to any Smiths` fanatic. Digitally there`s a bonus edit and Club version, while on record, once again there’s a beatless take of this dance-floor devotional, this disco Jain Dharma – removing the rhythm and rounding off the release with a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi-esque transcendental mediation on the instruments` mournful song. 

The closing date for the Kickstarter is December 14th. 

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