Pop Ambient 2021 / Kompakt

Careful guitar picking evaporates in crystalline echo. Creating a shimmering vapour of resonance and drone. Melancholy inferred in the rising interference. Something symphonic, orchestral. Strings spinning in and out of focus, through a harmonic haze of electric hum. Their motion invoking the trope of a tide. An unstoppable force. Sparse piano notes invoking another, that of a twilight illuminated by pinpoints of light. Stars caught in a muted brass reverie. A soundtrack for meditative internal flight. Bouts centered on breathing. Mental slow counting and visualization of bones. Til they glow. 

Walls of cicada-like sound summon a deafening tropic. The insect chatter merging with summer showers and keys that cascade like spring rain. Cavernous, cathedral-like reverb studies – stately in their grace. Beatless, but not static. Rushing with energy. Waves that rage with the winds of time. Storms of universal cosmic dust. Darker, hovering tones are buzzed by backwards sequences and jazzed by juice harp-like fizz. Treated sighs and metallic gears mesh in a mercurial augmented organic molecular flow. Found fauna fluid within gently phased pastorals. Merged in the mild musical psychedelics, together with gritty looped sources, surrounded by sampled nature, in deceptively detailed micro-manipulations. Digital drifts, floats out in abstract space. A sail on seas of sonic tranquility. 

The 21st volume of the Wolfgang Voigt curated Pop Ambient series is released this Friday, November 27th, on Kompakt. You can listen to clips here.

RIYL / Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie, Steve Reich`s Music For 18 Musicians, Brock Van Wey.

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