Afterlife / Resistance / Subatomic

Steve Miller aka Afterlife has issued a personal musical statement – flying in the face of pandemic, lockdowns, and growing political division. Setting out to balance those building negative forces. Calling for folks to challenge and filter fake news. To stay strong. The clues in the titles of the tracks on his new E.P. Antifearance is a technoid chugger, shiny with showers of uptown disco mirror-ball fizz. Buzzing with busy Amazonian fauna. Trippy with phased, fragmented and flipped, organ tones. Resistance sets out at more of a gallop, moving to the meter of a muted, but still urgent breakbeat. Riding a percussive rattle while mediative Middle Eastern horns do their thing over rising, sustained psychotropic strings. Hardway Brother Sean Johnston rocks up for a duo of dynamite remixes, both of them bearing the tag, Transmat. Doffing his cap to Detroit`s pioneering Belleville Three, by toughening the kick – big time – and gating everything. The melody now manhandled by military snares and Red Planet meteors, while synths summon arcs of euphoric noise. Both takes are dominated by an authentic recreation of Derrick May`s trademark Nude Photo / Wiggin` bass-line “donk”. Pushing and tweaking that famous Yamaha DX-100 Wood Piano preset patch for the perfect square wave rave. 

Afterlife’s Resistance E.P. is available, care of Steve`s Subatomic imprint, on Juno Download. 

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