Richard Norris / Golden Waves / Group Mind

Richard Norris constructs his Golden Waves by gently countering overlapping chimes – creating a crystalline, enchanted air from emotive swells of near-subliminal synths. This slightly uneasy Nirvana knocked sideways out of Heaven by bursts of bass, growling low-end leviathans. Muffled breakbeats go Cloud Surfing, skittering metallic amongst sonar blips and almost acidic serpentine sequences. Invoking introspective “Alt-Electro” classics, such as Effective Force`s Diamond Bullet, in homages, hymns to the post-rave mid-90s electronica found on Jose Padilla`s Cafe del Mar compilations and recently collected on Music From Memory’s Virtual Dreams. Blue Star Gold is a sparse, slow, key solo. Signal To Power summons a sustained sonic sheen. Its new age choir computations sighing a Suzanne Ciani-like Buchla romance, and working similar wonders as the fragile delicate vapours of Harold Budd, John Foxx, and Brock Van Wey. The innervision-inducing results – just the right side of melancholy and nostalgia – a drift into a space, blue-skied, and bucolic. A liminal landscape for counting cirrus shapes, watching birds fly in formation, and remembering old home movies. Shoring the listener to a happy place – safe and well – here in your head. 

You can purchase Richard Norris` Golden Waves E.P. exclusively from the Group Mind Bandcamp page. 

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