A Tokyo Dub Store Top Ten

I just ran through some of my favourite reggae and dub sides of the last year, and as mentioned in the post around a third of the vinyl was purchased from Tokyo`s Dub Store. With a physical shop located in Shinjuku, I`ll be honest, since I’m stuck out in the mountains, even without a global plague in full progress, most of my buying is done through their on-line site reggaerecord.com. Many a late night has been spent shifting through their new releases and vast archive – turning up gems – which if they don’t have in stock then are happy to source from goodness knows where. 

The shop also has a treasure trove of `50s rock & roll, rockabilly, and r&b 45s, so they might, perhaps, be more accurately described as purveyors of high quality roots music full stop. 

Below is a list of ten of Dub Store`s top releases kindly complied by the shop`s staff – A big thank you to Ichikawa-san. 

Count Essie Band / Lulumba

Techniques All-Stars / Stalag 17

Johnny & The Attractions / Coming On The Scene

Aston Family Man Barrett / Soul Constitution 

Don Drummond / Last Call

Llans Thelwell & His Celestials / Mughead Ska

Gaylads / Looking For A Girl

Generation Gap / Journey Within

Don Hutson / Got To Leave This Place

Augustus Pablo / Stabilizer

You can find Dub Store at reggaerecord.com and also now on Bandcamp. Overseas customers are welcome at both. 

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