The Person / Tide Life / Growing Bin

Minna Wight is The Person. A one woman band equipped with keys and drum machines. Flicking switches and moving between whistles, honking faux horns, harpsichord tones, and a damn fine approximation of Bernard Sumner`s patented guitar sound. Her electronic emissions at times emulating xeroxed xylophone runs, while at others, might be mistaken for a Mediterranean sax – serenading the sunset. 

The album, Tide Life, consists largely of laid back, loved-up, grooves where processed vocals bubble and percolate amidst tropical timbale rattle, romantic ripples, and coconut shell percussion. Where bit-mapped basses are fretless and slapped. Disco is alluded to with arpeggios, lasers, and the odd NYC Peech Boys` handclap. Elastic Shoes is house, constructed carefully, layer upon layer. Current Affair`s heartbeat is a racing thump. Places skanks, lazily, too hot to be hassled, and as playful as a post-Beachballs Brenda Ray. What I hear is pop constructed on the modern equivalent of those budget-priced `80s home synths. The kit responsible for powering countless new age pioneers. When listening more than anything I imagine Suzanne Ciani jamming with Andras, A.R.T. Wilson, the former fox. 

The Person’s Tide Life can be ordered from The Growing Bin. 

Reference Links
Bernard Sumner`s guitar
NYC Peech Boys
Brenda Ray
Suzanne Ciani

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