Kanot / Hit & Run / Abstrack Records

After releasing one of my favourite edit packages of 2020, Nantes` Abstrack crew now deliver a new E.P. of completely original productions. To my ears it`s a super accomplished set, and to be honest, not what I was expecting at all. Opening with hyperreal novo new age ringing and Claire Hammil-Like vocal sighs, this then gives way to a slapped bass funk – think Eno & Byrne`s Regiment. Electric axes cutting heavy metallic arcs. 

I`m reminded of an 80s New York, no wave, fusion of rock, jazz, and machines. Laswell`s, Material`s, Temporary Music, with shots of serious shredding. 

Remixed by Vidock, the track Turbulens becomes a big-beat-ed head-nodding homage to Massive Attack, Portishead, DJ Shadow and Mo`Wax. Perhaps just a jot of the Sabres Of Paradise jamming with James thrown in there too. The guitar sucked backward down a moody, “trip hop” tunnel of ritualistic rhythms – cavernous with echo, lit by little lysergic licks. Pilotwings` take on the titular Hit & Run also travels tech-tribal terrain. Where harps serenade gated angels in an ambient-ish mix of high, high drama – be-deviled by digital didgeridoo detail. Imagine The Orb invading Future Sound Of London’s Papua New Guinea. 

You can order a copy of Kanot`s Hit & Run E.P. directly from Abstrack Records. 

Reference Links
Claire Hammil
Temporary Music
Massive Attack
DJ Shadow
Sabres Vs. James
Papua New Guinea

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