Olefonken / Ubuntu Tutu / Snorkel Records

Snorkel Records is the home of hubbabubbaklubb – who everyone ought to know for their irresistible insanely catchy Mopedbart 7 – if not for their rare and sought after follow-up 12 and LP. Based in Norway the label, since 2016, have been quietly doing their very unique thing, and as such have been a secret of sorts. 

Back in 2019 the imprint released another long-player, the ambitious Riders by the duo of Jonas Raabe and Jeron Gundersen, aka Dibidim. A set of slightly wonky, `80s 16-bit referencing, synthesized love themes, scores, and pure pop. Music that mixed Washed Out`s “chill-wave” with Wunderbar kosmishce and Giorgio Morroder`s disco. The results sounding like a meeting of fellow maverick countrymen, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, and Sexy Boy-era Air. 

Then last year, amidst peak pandemic panic Snorkel sort of silently slipped out an E.P. by Raaja Bones in the spring. Boardwalks was 6 bites of balearic boogie that seemed caught in a love triangle with classic italo and The SOS Band – the productions of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Stylishly strutting its stuff and cutting sophisticated mid-tempo dance floor shapes that had me screaming, shouting, Sasac, Uku Kuut, and Woolfy.

Now there`s a new, well newish, 12 – it actually appeared late last December – doing the rounds and creating a stir in certain select circles. The 2 tracks are the work of label co-founder, Olefonken. Ubuntu Tutu moves to an uptempo clip, its drum machine programmed like a choppy tide. Shot through with sampled laughter the tune has a distinct twilight at Pike`s, pool-side, Club Tropicana vibe. Sun City sashays to a slower, cheery chug – reminiscent of the aforementioned, previous hit, Mopedbart. With Nu Shooz-esque Fairlight sighs and bursts of breakout bongos paving the way, warming you up and easing you into, showers of alternating, spotlight-swapping, serotonin-releasing key solos. 

You can find out more about Snorkel Records over at their website and on Bandcamp. 

Reference Links
Washed Out
Giorgio Morroder
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Sexy Boy
Classic italo
The SOS Band
Uku Kuut
Club Tropicana
Nu Shooz

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