2020 / 2021 / Pedro Bertho / Hell Yeah!

From the “modern balearic beats” of 2020 – championed by labels such as Eclectics, Hell Yeah!, Higher Love Recordings, Modern Manners – one of the new artists that piqued my interest in particular was Brazilian Pedro Bertho. Ignoring the vogue for “chilled-out” sounds, and sunset vibes, Pedro`s Abre Caminhos instead grabbed the EBM bull by the horns and wrestled a boisterous percussive suite from his machines. Producing music that might have graced sets at legendary Ibiza after-hours, Glory’s. 

To draw a close to Ban Ban Ton Ton`s reviews of the last 12 months, this is Pedro`s run through a few selections that switched him on. 

pedro bertho abre caminhos

Words and tunes care of Pedro Bertho. 

Could you give me a few pieces of music, released or reissued this year, that have helped you make it through 2020?

It was not an easy task, but here are some songs that really have somehow influenced me in 2020.

Mateus Aleluia – Amarelou

Bell Towers – Juicy Blend

Perkunas – Betamax (Tyu Vocal Ritual Remix)

Rydm Sectors – Taking Me Over

James Stewart – Where Are You Going (SMBD People Dub)

Paula Tape – Panamericana

Mr.Ho+Mogwaa – Bail E

Dave Aju – Go

Dave Aju - Go

John Tareugram – Glorieux Passé (Original Mix)

Mc Waraba – Djoro (Bertho Vs Sheitan Brothers Remix)

All being well what plans do you have for 2021?

Well, for 2021 I’m really focused on producing and releasing new music. I have already some tracks / remixes for the first semester and also 2 new E.P.s coming up for the second half of the year. I’m also working on some new audio video formats. Ah, and of course, I hope that somehow we’ll be able to play for people again.

Is there any way that I, we, others, can help and assist you in achieving these goals? Are you looking for partners for any forthcoming activities – in that sense of “if we stand then together we will survive”? 

Hmm…I think 2020 was a really hard year for the artistic community. One of the moments that really made rethink the music industry was the polemic with Spotify – all streaming platforms – royalties. So, yes, in a way, I wish that people / the industry start somehow supporting more the artists they listen to – not just the big names- by buying their music, sharing their art, supporting lives, etc. It’s such a simple thing and it won’t ruin anyone’s lives.

Ah! Don’t forget that music is a global thing. Open your eyes and ears also to diversity!

pedro bertho abre caminhos

You can check out Pedro Bertho`s Abres Caminhos E.P. over at the Hell Yeah! Bandcamp page. 

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