Steve Cobby / I’ve Loved You All My Life / Déclassé

A tremolo`d guitar leads a gentle instrumental ballad. A post-rock bossa filled with theremin frequencies. 6-string strum, and genius orchestration – emoting positivity personified – share a snare-smashing drum break. A harp accompanies head-nodding, hand-clapping Atomic Dog G-funk. Spaced-out synths sigh to popping, locking electro-boogie. Pace-y percussion loops producing a swinging house express ride. Bass rumbles bumping fusions of woodwinds, marimba, and carnival whistles. Clav clusters set to sympathetic syncopation. Details falling like raindrops in concentric ripples of sound. Honeyed, unhurried. Glorious glitches mixing with fragile music box themes, while harmonica and keys synergise on a short that could score art house cinema heartbreak. 

Steve Cobby`s latest album, I’ve Loved You All My Life, moves between Tortoise-esque “jazz” and electro-acoustics that remind me personally of Xian Hawkins` Sybarite – one of the first artists I ever “professionally” reviewed. The fretwork throughout is melodic, Johnny Marr-esque, and memories of IDM dance a hint of nostalgia through most of the tracks. The closing, poignant, simple, reverbed, Mise En Abyme, is up there with Gabriel Yared`s unforgettable 37 Le Matin piano duet. 

You can purchase a copy directly from Steve via Bandcamp. 

Johnny Marr
Gabriel Yared

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