Discodor / Wonderfulsound

Chocka with classic, classy arrangements dynamic duo Pierre Duplan and Lee Skelly present Discodor – an undisputed homage to library music and hip, swinging `60s soundtracks. Celebrating composers such as Jean Pierre Mirouze, and rolling in references to The BBC`s Radiophonic Workshop, it`s a suite of romantic, cinematic themes built on brilliant bass-lines and driven by funky-as-fuck David Axelrod-esque drums. Breaks that DJ Shadow might have borrowed. Harpsichord patterns recalling the Electric Prunes` General Confessional or Holy Are You. Strings that could score heroic showdowns. Country-fied passages that shout Muscle Shoals. Synths that scream-out `70s space-age bachelor pad. The sort of chanson that High Lama Sean O`Hagan once arranged for Stereolab. Muzak for lovers hand-in-hand, strolling the banks of The Seine. Light and airy, and singing of spring, clear skies, and even brighter tomorrows. Strummed acoustic guitars, warm Fender Rhodes keys, vibes, and woodwinds wrapping around Rhythm Devils metronome ticking, almost finger snapping, clicking. The orchestration augmented by wah-wah details, racing cymbals, piano crescendos, chunky Clavinet clusters, swirling, spiraling, synthesized solos, and sustained organ buzz. 

You can order a copy of Discodor direct from Wonderfulsound. 

Jean Pierre Mirouze
The BBC`s Radiophonic Workshop
Electric Prunes

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