Steve Moore / Analog Sensitivity / KPM & Be With Records

I interviewed Steve Moore 8 years ago. At the time we were awaiting the release of his fantastic Future Times E.P., Zen Spiders. I`d contacted him principally because of his  darkly pumping Panther Moderns 12 on L.I.E.S. (Ron Morelli DJed at Steve`s wedding) – the music, and video, are something I still reference in reviews. We talked about his recording debut with Pittsburgh “no wave / metal” band, Microwaves – Steve played bass and “sang / shouted”. At the top of his “to do” list was “write music for films”. He had yet to score Adam Wingard`s The Guest. He wanted to work with Nicolas Winding Refn. When I pushed Steve on the “danceable” nature of Panther Moderns, he confessed that he disliked techno and house, and hated clubs. Rather he described his music as “a 21st Century take on `70s and `80s progressive electronics.” A sound best exemplified then by his Primitive Neural Pathways long-player for Static Caravan. Since, Steve has achieved his musical goal and gone on to compose mainly for movies – with seven soundtracks currently under his belt. 

Citing library music legends such as Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett as influences, Steve now adds to the celebrated KPM catalogue, with the album, Analog Sensitivity. While Steve created its 12 short pieces – incidental cues, and more elaborate themes – over a three year period – in between film projects – the record works perfectly if listened to and considered as one, or two, long suites. Suitably cinematic, with epic fanfares evocative of heroics and sacrifice, the facing of impossible odds and feats. Moving from nocturnal urban dystopias described by low rumbling drones and showering circuitry to a final serene sine wave float.

Side 1 seems to sketch a city sleeping. Strange strings and alien orchestration painting empty, lonely, early hours. Lunar winds chasing through an evacuated metropolis.  Night`s pulses racing toward a deserted dawn. Streets at a standstill, grid-locked with abandoned traffic. Those Panther Moderns on the prowl, stalking its shadows. The second side`s like a sci-fi re-reading of Nico`s Marble Index. Ring modulation and Behringer Wasp buzz framing frozen borders.  Space rock guitar sirens straddling silicon streams of programmed percussion. Buoyed by bubbling, undulating, bottom-end oscillations. Tonally brighter, the title track surfs on soft woodwind shapes, washes dream-like shores. The tale`s protagonist perhaps lost in nostalgic reverie, love remembered. Beauty total recalled. 

Steve Moore`s Analog Sensitivity was released today, February 19th, as part of the on-going collaboration between KPM and Be With Records. 

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