Woodleigh Research Facility On Bandcamp

A beatific beatbox shuffles beneath strings and synths. Making like Brotherhood-era New Order covering Cluster`s pastoral kosmische. Music that could almost be an electronic hymn. 

Flickering electro sequences whizz and whirr like dread clockwork, amid handclaps and laser blasts. Theremin tones echo Joe Meek`s space age sonic experimentation. 

These long tracks, I’m guessing, were deliberately designed to draw you into their own hermetic sound world. Sledgehammer snares sometimes smashing out 110 BPM, but trance-dancing at various tempos. Dub vacuum distorting psyche guitars. Disembodied voices spinning around.

A Dalek delivers vocoder-ed directions over sedated go-go-not-go-go – built from bongos, cowbells, and seedy 303 squelch. 

A tremolo twang travels to a techno Tangiers, where mysterious Middle Eastern melodies merge with new beat synthesizer hooks. On the march with Billy Burroughs` mugwumps. 

Gongs initiate entry Into The Cosmic Hole. A cauldron of beatless acidic bubbling, hypnotic modern musical magick. Casting a spell of chants part Sufi, part Siouxsie Sue. 

The poetry of Derry`s Joe Duggan dances to disco-not-disco dynamite, as he details his desire for down-to-earth real love – someone to grow old, and play bingo, with. 

Central To Control joins the dots between Klaus Dinger`s double-drummed motorik and The Glitterband`s glam stomp. High Noon church bells chiming, marking precious time, like a gunfighters pocket watch.

The Approach races in pretty, Tour De France, programmed patterns. 

Apres Le Villa 3 is pure, perfect, synth pop.

The Fallen features fizzing fragments of song. Its rhythmic bang buzzing with energy. Planet Rock-ing an old school, machined, b-boy battle break. 

The aural output of Nina Walsh`s Woodleigh Research Facility is now consolidated on Bandcamp. Rumour has it that vinyl`s on the way. 

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