Gratien Midonet / A Cosmic Poet Revisited / Time Capsule

Following 2020`s retrospective, and subsequent digital reissue of his back catalogue, by London’s Time Capsule, Creole poet Gratien Midonet gets revisited – and that means remixed. Label co-founder, Kay Suzuki, sends Roulo out into inner space. Turning Gratien`s Chouval Bwa ceremony into something more Sci-Fi, and more shamanic. The acoustic picking and loose percussion taken trance-dancing to a slow techno pulse. The song subjected to reverb and delay – to resemble a spiritual recited around a campfire, under shooting stars, suitably cosmic comet trails. Khidja kidnap La Rein and create a cracking, crackling, electric atmosphere. Plugging it into a fluid current of gentle chimes and Linn drum pop. Tethering it to a terrific, tumbling, tantric, battery. Kuniyuki Takehashi`s twist on Osana is plodding in comparison, but perfectly put together. The guitar now leaning towards Spain, on a kind of zouk-y, sing-along, Balearic beat. I was thinking that this deserves to be as huge as that Psychemagik make-over of Yves Simon from a few years back. Its ten and half minutes boasting bent blues notes and gospel harmonies – gradually guiding Gratien`s childhood recollections to a percussive peak. First a breakdown, and then a for a finale, kicking a crazy conga crescendo. 

Gratien Midonet`s A Cosmic Poet Revisited can be ordered directly from Time Capsule. 

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