Black Bones / Autumns / Touch Sensitive

Black Bones` Night Drives, for Belfast`s Touch Sensitive, is an E.P. of banging, crashing, modern, tribal, EBM. Its title perhaps hinting at post-midnight urges – more than one way to joy ride – its Front 242-referencing 4 / 4 detonating BDSM delirium. Dark and pounding, but playful. Punishing, but respectful of safe words. Stomping, bleeping, power tool-welding, its arpeggiated b-line sledgehammered by high hats and stabbed by sharp, angular, synths. Denied might refer to access. Its hushed, hypnotic, nocturnal noise like listening to a rave happening behind closed warehouse doors. Locked outside. Punghi feeds the electro-funk of George Clinton’s Atomic Dog through dominatrix dungeon delay. The percussion, metallic, with a Fini Tribe De Testimony rattle. Buzzed by a rising tide of ancient resonating reeds. Gabi adds looped, cut-up, chants. 

Label mate Autumns` Dyslexia Sound System takes things deeper and even darker, with chainsawing riffs and echoed Mark Stewart-esque shouts set to heavy metronome marches and heavier feedback arcs. Its metal, machined, ambience uneasy and David Lynch-ian – full of malfunctioning circuits and sheets of steel sonics. Percussion like automatic weapon fire. When it dances, it`s Tackhead, On-U`s Maffia, boxing with the gloves off. Throwing a hard left. Spikes and spirals of post-punk guitar, horn-like screeching, amidst the class war cries. 

Black Bones` Night Drives, and Autumns` Dyslexia Sound System, are both available to order directly from Touch Sensitive. 

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