G.S. Schray / The Changing Account / Last Resort

For his latest set of guitar-generated ambience, Gabe Schary enlists the assistance of his Arkon, Ohio-based friends, Steve Clements, Corey Farrow and Kit Freund. The 4 sometimes record as Lemon Quartet. Their subtle reeds, careful keys, and muted brass fanfares complimenting Schray`s Durutti Column-esque 6-string and drum machine drift. Contrabass and a brushed battery bringing a gentle syncopated jazz swing. Cymbals tapping away while treated, vocoder-ed whispers create a vapour of choirboy sighs. Ivories tinkling atop the timpani. Modular synths making low sustained organ-like drones. The guitar distorted in places, threatening to throw up ringing walls of sound – forest fires at the edges of the avant-Americana and countrified twang. Together painting incredibly understated, languid landscapes, introspective, but warm, improvisations. Giving off a sense of isolation, but safe, and secure. As if the narrative`s protagonist were recharging – strong, not fragile or anxious – waiting, watching the horizon for change. 

You can order G.S. Schray`s The Changing Account directly from the Last Resort. 

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