Video / Ocean Moon / And Breathe

This short, but very sweet, video serves as a vivid reminder of the wonder that is Jon Tye`s Ocean Moon long-player, Crystal Harmonics. A sublime set recorded last year for Be With / KPM. Created by Janine Rook, the clip provides 2 minutes, 10 seconds, of much needed calm – a moment of healing, meditational, balm – to be taken any time of the day. Vocalist Seaming To`s ethereal sighs accompanied by images of leaves blowing in the breeze. A daydream-like strobing of autumnal reds, and golds, spring`s green. Allowing me to give you another heads up about Jon`s forthcoming KPM collaborations with members of Stereolab, Peaking Lights and The Horrors – and also the opportunity to tell you to watch out for Ripples – a cassette due for release on Ruf Dug`s Ruf Kutz imprint, produced under the alias, Ocean Moon Group, with assistance from Jack Amor and Graham Guy-Robinson. 

P.S. This is the inaugural video, launching the Ban Ban Ton Ton Youtube channel. Thank you Jon and Janine we are truly honoured. 

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