Ocean Moon Group / Ripples / Ruf Kutz

Modular manipulations, arpeggios, and acoustic picking, produce nocturnal emissions. Dark and electronic, but still a living, vibrant sound. Sustained sequences synthesizing a sonic haze. Melodies emerging from the synergising phase. Kinda kosmische like early Tangerine Dream – say Alpha Centauri or Zeit. New age, in as much as the music strives for the transcendental, aims to provide a means for meditation, a means to momentarily escape now.

It falls to a hush, just a rush of wired winds. A hiss like the rustle of leaves. Single notes decaying in delay. Hanging in the ether like vapour. A psychedelic shimmer, with a temple-like air. Descending through altered states to occult oscillations, the low frequency Om of not the ghost but the zen in the machine. A bottom-end pulse, warm and womb-like, that summons a safe place, a calm away from the chaos. Somewhere to hide and recharge.

So come gather your crystals, whatever totems turn you on. Tune-in, drop-out, float awhile. In the internal eternal aquatic, amniotic, as steel strings echo the submerged song of ambient maestro B.J. Cole. The set`s title, Ripples, perhaps a reference to the positive energy present`s constant organic flow. Edges fizzing with fractals. Busy with details dissolving into the unknown. Drifting in and out of a waking dream, while axes work like Ash Ra, and harmoniums drone. Opening gateways, priming the listener for ascension. The aural aura incandescent with a celestial glow.

Ruf Kutz Ripples Final Art

The Ocean Moon Group are Jon Tye, Graham Guy-Robinson, and Jack Amor. Their improvisation, Ripples, is available as a download, or super-limited cassette, care of Ruf Dug`s Ruf Kutz. 

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