Faze Action Records Present The Balearic Sounds Of FAR

Geography means that I’m 7 or 8 hours ahead of most of you. 13 in some cases – good morning Dennis Kane! 16 in others – shout out to the Ban Ban Ton Ton L.A. massive. I’ve just spent the sunniest day of the year so far with this as my soundtrack. I thought it would be a sin if I didn’t share and give you a heads up. Fingers-crossed and hoping that the weather`s holding where you are. Faze Action present the Balearic Sounds of FAR is designed and custom-built for your outdoor frugging or bank holiday barbecue. The compilation is subtitled, “A Journey Through The Sunshine Sounds Of Faze Action Records”, and boy they’re not kidding. You can slip this baby on and be shifted super smoothly – in the space of 84 minutes – from cocktail O`Clock, through sunset, toward dance-floor delirium proper, and not have to worry one little bit that you or your assembled nearest and dearest might be wrong footed. The brothers, Robin and Simon, Lee here seamlessly sequencing between ambient, boogie, and balearic beats. 

The major musical protagonists are the Faze chaps themselves, and also Robin in his solo Rudy’s Midnight Machine guise. The latter finding the multi-instrumentalist sibling slapping basses, snapping snares, setting off bright synth solar flares, bringing the boogie, and some fine, fine, fusion, but also creating the collection`s more chilled compositions. Windchimes is a wonderful workout for bass guitar – to rival Level 42`s Dune Tune – topped off with rolling Kasso piano. Secret Garden sketches similar serene sonic terrain, while Shifting Sands concludes the comp with an emotive Echoplex`d, flamenco feel. 

There are 2 edits of sought after Micky Milan numbers – one, an expert, epic, extension, coming care of true born Eivissenc, Willie Graff. Incorporating Brazilian cuica and carnival whistles, party shouts and chatter – with Quando tu Dances also half-inching Lamont Dozier`s Going Back To My Roots Joanna. Both of them bongo-tastic.  

There`s a guest appearance from former Smoke City chanteuse, Nina Miranda – sounding so, so, seductive on Max Essa`s marvelous, bass-heavy, Cafe-del-Mar-at-the-close-of-the-day Slo Mo Bubble Dub of Vamos Pintar. Chris Coco and DJ Rocca deliver the groovy gallop of Discoteca. Imagine a muted, righteously reverb-ed, remake of Arpadys` Monkey Star. But it`s the collaborations with ex-Orange Juice-r, Zeke Manyika, that boast this bonanza`s most balearic moments. Turning in tribal-tinged toe-tappers across a range of tempos. Harbouring life-affirming highlife filigree figures amidst afro-house stompers. With melodies resembling cascading kora and kalimba chimes – very likely carefully picked and coaxed from Robin`s cello. Rewendo is bouncy, brassy, and zouk-y. Hapana is like a meeting of Jasper Van`t Hof`s Pili Pili project and Letta Mbulu`s Nomalizo. All of them, due to the effortless energy arising from Zeke`s vocals and chanting, imparting a vital, feel good, vibe. 

You can purchase Faze Action Records Present The Balearic Sounds Of FAR here. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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