Rheinzand / Remixes / Music For Dreams 

The righteous Rheinzand return with a radical remix package – pulling in assistance from top talented people such as the DJ Harvey endorsed, Pete Blaker, Antwerp’s Borokov Borokov, Poland`s Das Komplex, Swiss duo, In Flagranti, and Ghent`s Scorpio Twins. Each – with the exception of Borokov Borokov`s electro-clash short – submit a significantly extended excursion, with the running time for all ten mixes clocking in at an hour and 26 minutes. This “journey” encompassing big blues arcs, echoed thunder claps, insistent cowbells, looped up marimba, hypnotic, haunted, nocturnal drum rituals, spirit-stirring strings, plus the odd TB-303 tweak. These dance-floor leviathans – being allowed the luxury of long, long, breakdowns, and synth-tastic take-offs – filled with flickering fragments of the original songs. 

Superpitcher`s shake of Blind, is slowed, stretched, and percussive – teasing with piano particles and lyrical licks, gradually building the tension, while encouraging you to “ease your mind”. It had me thinking of Henrik Schwartz` seminal sonic subversion of Switch. 

Former “Trip Hop” pioneers, Skylab, completely reconfigure Kills & Kisses – creating a cut and paste concoction, constructed almost entirely of inter-locking vocals, shouts, shrieks, and cries. The results recalling Roberto de Simone`s left field classic Coro Delle Lavandie or 3rd Face`s reworking thereof. 

Chris Coco sexily shuffles through the band`s cover of Talking Heads` Slippery People. Highly orchestrated, punctuated by punk funk proclamations, and featuring some fiery keyboard pyrotechnics, the bongo-based Compass Point groove proving as irresistible as Lola’s Wax The Van. 

Pete Herbert`s handling of Queen Of Dawn is a sublime space opera – a dubbed out update of italo-disco, seduced by Spacer Women and celestial choirs. Dancing divine out amongst the stars, to a rude old school house b-line. The track made all the more balearic by a serrated, acoustic, Spanish, strum.  

Rheinzand`s Remixes are available directly from Music For Dreams. 

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