A Man Called Adam / All My Favourite People (Special Edition) / Other

Originally released in 1998, on the album Duende, and then on a stand alone single in `99, All My Favourite People has been dusted off by A Man Called Adam for a special edition. The piece, co-written with esteemed jazz musician, Eddie Parker who also had a hand in Estelle and Easter Song – slots right in there with the other classics in the duo’s timeless canon. The track is, however, very much a product of its birth date, in that its introspective sunset sentiments are riding a racing broken house beat – the rhythm of pitched-up Prescription records, and no doubt inspired by countless hours with the radio locked to Girls FM. Drawing on the same deep New York dubs that helped detonate UKG. The lyrics are a sort of E`d-up flip of Dinosaur L`s Go Bang! – in that they express a desire to be surrounded by family and friends. A lullaby to love, as fragile as the music is fluid. Describing, dreaming of, rural idylls, away from city stress. If this had been released during lockdown it would have made a heartbreaking listen on those late nights wanting, wishing, to reach out, and hold onto everyone. Every flame that ever flickered. 

The 12” Mix toughens the drums, pushes them higher, and harder. Augments them with fidgeting flashes of cross-faded breaks, and super-sizes the subs to seismic – summoning the visionary Steve Gurley, and Da Grunge Mix of U.S. Alliance`s All I Know. The Dayz And Nites Dub dissects the drums even further, and cuts up, collages, Sally’s vocals. Producing something less platonic and more specifically seductive, sugared with whispers of “Stay the night”. Tom Middleton`s revision, entitled The Calling, dub discos the tune, a la The Idjut Boys / U-Star. Adding a furious, thunder-thumbed, fusion bass-line, while switching to a regular 4 / 4. Shot through with Sci-Fi strings, and techno touches. Trapping Sally in echo and sending her spinning out toward the stars. The One Latin Rascal NY Megamix, care of Albert Cabrera, is, perhaps, the deepest of all. Fragments of the OG are run both backwards and forwards, as a groove gradually emerges from a lattice of loops and edits, sampled dialogue and fractured piano. Soothed by synthetic squiggles, and symphonic orchestration, despite my ham-fisted explanation, its actually a sublimely smooth trip. 

The Special Edition of A Man Called Adam`s All My Favourite People will be released on August 6th. You can preorder here. 

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