Asa Moto / Martino / DEEWEE

Following on from a highly sought after trio of releases – Stay Awake, Systema Naturae, and Playtime – Asa Moto fashion a fresh five-tracker for their Belgian spar`s, brothers David & Stephen Dewaele`s very carefully curated and crafted DEEWEE label. The imprint have trailered the E.P. with a single, the machined, metallic, mid-tempo chugger, Cacao, whose computerized choir and vocals owe something to Art Of Noise and Yello / Dieter Meier. The record as a whole updates the sound of those `80s pop artists who were once considered “state of the art”. It`s both stylish and super produced. Missing Teeth has playful ping-ponging sequences riding the filtered, phased, snares of Kraftwerk`s Trans Europe Express – gathering momentum, and taking dance floor delirium on board, as it goes. They build Veleda around a big, classic acid house, b-line and rave bleeps, all be it slowed down to a sedate shimmy. The duo demonstrate their sense of humour with the short acapella skit, In My Body, which, in bionic, robotic, barbershop harmonies, details their drug intake – joking that by necking everything themselves they are keeping “the kids” safe, keeping the gear off the streets. Connexion a Leige, inspired by a cross country night drive, is a vocoder-ed voyage, coloured by abstract, aural, sonic splashes. The gently rhythmic circuitry chatter could be Air, alone, not in Kyoto, but the Congo. Sebastien Tellier meets Brian Briggs` AEO in an artificial, virtual, Amazon. 

Asa Moto`s Martino E.P. is available to order directly from DEEWEE. 

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