International Sangman / Death Roads & Spirit Ways / Second Thoughts / Ish Records

Mysterious dubs, from a mysterious artist, musical pieces denoted only by number, with a press release that hints at magick, and analogue pagan rites. The casting of narcotic sonic spells and runes. Labelled sequentially, but sequenced out of order in a non-linear noir narrative. Its cinematic dark drones and haunted hums could easily double for the incidental music and score of some existential Sci-Fi, say Solaris, either Tarkovsky`s or Soderbergh`s. The compositions constructed from crackle and static, the click of a needle, forgotten in its groove. Referencing, for sure, the productions of Pole, Monolake, the output of mid-late `90s label, Chain Reaction. Didn’t some wag once label this stuff “Heroin House”. Its fixation on microtonal minutiae, the aural equivalent of the opiated hypnotized by a flickering flame. Like the cavernous compositions of Richie Hawtin`s Consumed, or Basic Channel`s “Reshapes”, if evaporated further into the aether, on the surface minimal, but scratch that and your swimming in hidden subliminal detail. Submerged in the suggestion of secreted string melodies, and solitary sonar blips. Intricate isolationist atmospheres, dense, deep, with ethereal rustling, and rushing, washes of delay. Flashes of ringing metallic feedback. Effectively “Exploded views” of microscopic movements. Shock waves of echo, where the original big bang is removed. Where bass is a “presence” rather than a defined “line”. A bellowing boom, a heartbeat-like thump, a primordial pulse, pumping throughout sleepy R.E.M. symphonies, that rise and fall like the breath of a resting titan. The rhythm, a sparse rattling, like shutters caught in a storm. The pitter patter patterns of rain. The overall effect like listening to wicked weather, while safe and dry indoors. 

sangman cover

International Sangman`s Death Roads & Spirit Ways is available now, care of Second Thoughts and Ish Records . 


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