Afrobuddha / Mysticisms

London’s Mysticisms summer mission was the reissue of an E.P. from the archives of Afrobuddha – aka Koichi Sakai and Time Capsule`s Kay Suzuki. The project, initially, around 10 years ago, span out of the pair`s seminal Spirits Frequency NTS radio show. Obame was the first of two joint productions that Kay released on his own Round In Motion imprint. A collaboration with Ghana’s Kakatsitsi Drummers – a group of 4 percussionists, a flautist, and lead vocalist – in keeping with the season, its a super, sunshine-filled song. A irresistible rhythmic whirl of woodwind, djembe, and joyful, child-like chants. Machines adding some mid-tempo muscle. 

Zone followed in 2014. Techno-toned but highly percussive, it`s a rattling and rolling ritual, a heady hypnotic hit of Yoruba hoodoo, that pays tribute to Joe Claussell`s Spiritual Life / Sacred Rhythm sound, FK`s Deep Space dubs, and homage to Sun Ra is in it`s “Space is the place” mantra. Respectful of the past, but with its feet planted firmly in the future. The result of a hook up with vintage analogue aficionado, Leonidas “Lovetoparty” Stavropoulos, rushing synth washes and rude electronic bass further rock its psychedelic incantation, psychedelic spell, of “Lose your mind, free your soul.” The Drum Mix – then big, big, big, at The Beauty & The Beat – in particular is a Loft / Lucky Cloud worthy epic, on a par say with David Mancuso favourite, Flying Rhythms` Doragon Balls. 

We championed the tune on Test Pressing, way back in the day – when I compared it to a combination of Holy Ghost Inc.`s Walk On Air and Space Dimension Controller`s The Love Quadrant, and called it an “Entry” record. This led me to interview Kay, and discover Mr. Suzuki`s previous life as an extrovert afro`d funk band front man,  complete with James Brown-esque mic stand tricks, flips, and dance moves. Check the way cool photo below. 

KaySuzuki_Circa99 copy

Photo taken in around 1999. Kay`s band were called Funk Samurai. 

Afrobuddha`s Obame & Zone have been pressed and re-pressed by MysticismsLucky Cloud and The Beauty & The Beat both have parties coming up – please check the embedded links. 

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