Tullio De Piscopo / Stop Bajon (Jezebell Edit) / Paisley Dark

The OG of Stop Bajon, I hope, needs no introduction – propelled by an instantly recognizable clip-clopping mid-tempo beat. Summer, no matter the weather or season, in its interwoven brass and keys. Phenomenal feel-good, Italian fusion from 1984, its bass drum pounding like a heart on E. While a staple on the UK underground soul / jazz scene since the day of its release*, the first time I heard it was on a mix-tape that a budding DJ, either James Parker, or Johnny “The Fox” Warren had made for my sister, Lizzie, in the autumn of 1989. Liz had no idea what it was called, and had rechristened it “Bing Bong A Heyla” – after the song’s “Primavera” chorus. To be fair the quality of the tape wasn’t that great. The fi far from hi. The first time I heard it in a club was at a Downham Tavern all-dayer – a stadium-sized event run by football fellows, and full of South London scoundrels and scoundrelesses. The sort of party where spoons were confiscated at the door. The tune would come on at the point when the lights came up, toward the end, signaling 30 or 40 minutes of sing alongs, tear-jerkers and huggers – stuff like Chris Rea`s Josephine and The Waterboys` The Whole Of The Moon – which l liked a lot more when I thought it was about Prince, and not Narnia`s C.S. Lewis. Crowd-pleasing favourites played pretty much always in exactly the same order. Whatever I`d taken – a combination of calis and ohms – would have peaked and levelled. So while still completely bollocksed, I`d have been able to communicate with my fellow ravers close to coherently again. Once the singing was over there’d be a rush and race to try to blag a lift to Promised Land on Southwark Street – find room in a strange car, or a friendly face with a van – but more often than not my evening`s finale would be a long and precarious walk home, all the fucking way to Norwood. Right off of my nut while requiring the wits of a ninja. 

The mysterious Jezebell double up the drums for this recent remix on Paisley Dark. Cross-fading and cutting about a significantly more sizable beat. Extending in and out of fills and rolls. Detonating dub-wise sound system sound effects and teasing with glimpses of the original over a forceful 4 / 4. Respectfully refreshing the classic for the suitably refreshed.

Jezebell : Paisley Dark Edits Box 6

*Ask Greg Wilson

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