Full Circle / From Knowhere / Good Morning Tapes

This E.P., mini-LP really, started out as mix – Trip To Knowhere – produced as a tribute to legendary 80s / 90s Goan beach party DJ, Vladimir Ivkovic, with art that`s a nod to paranoid schizoid psychedelics of The 13th Floor Elevators and Roky Erickson. The work of highly respected Parisian DJ / producers Alexis Le Tan and Joakim, using the psuedonym Full Circle, it was released on cassette in 2020 by Good Morning Tapes. The success of the set then resulted in a selection of the edits / remixes, “patchworks” as the pair call them, being pressed onto vinyl – and man, that went in a blink. The record recently got a repress, which also went fast, but I noticed that copies seem to be back in circulation, in select stores, again. I have Ryo at bespoke vinyl boutique Rana-Musica to thank for mine. Designed as a journey- of course – the collection commences with Here No Evil – a trippy sonic swamp of sinister vari-speed vocals, adrift in an inky blackness of acidic bottom-end belches, and illuminated by ceremonial, celestial keys. Given its title, perhaps its an exorcism of sorts. That segues into the kosmische squiggles and signals, the occult, obsidian electronics of Standing Horizontal. A slow, steam-punk, sledgehammer-on-anvil industrial clank, fleshed out with phased tearing and grinding. Like an outtake from Trevor Jackson’s Metal Dance, or Coil`s Loves Secret Domain, something perhaps custom-built for ALFOS, or I’m A Cliche. A definite recommendation for fans of that recent T-Woc E.P. A few of the cuts I recognized, like the Talcy Malcy – god rest his entrepreneurial cash from chaos soul – directed, Catherine Deneuve-starring, bass heavy, equally heavy-breathing soft porno epic, that forms the basis of Save The Planet, Save Yourself. Beauty Fuel is all breakbeats and pianos, WARP-worthy LFOs. The kind of sleazy murky mutant that birthed “big beat” – as the second summer of love’s ecstasy gave way to freebased cocaine – music made by the folks, such as Jon “Mekon” Gosling, signed to London label, Wall Of Sound. A dose of dark, chugging sampledelia that has its roots in seminal sonic collages such as S`Xpress` Funky Killer and Renegade Soundwave`s Mash-Up, the block-rocking, head-banging beats of the Chemical ne Dust Brothers. Again there’s a kind of industrial bang and crash about it, but with added cowbell. 

Amidst the mad, machined, Middle Eastern reeds, chants, and EBM mantras, Out Hear is the one for me, and another that I’m pretty sure I can ID. The original these days though will set you back a significant sum. Its purpose made plain by the “stoned immaculate” Jim Morrison steal, a short piece of poetry, that’s also been borrowed in the past by Adrian Sherwood and On-U`s Dub Syndicate. The Doors` frontman`s American prayer now set to sonar blips and Guerrilla Records-esque “dub house disco” – pitched down, Jam Down-Influenced, prog, that further features a sea shanty-like melodica melody. 

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