Pablo Color / Hora Azul / ISH Records

Pablo Color is a Swiss musician, working on the periphery of a Zurich “scene” that includes Lexx, Phantom Island, and the Drumpoet Community. Artists associated with the club, Zukunft. A multi-instrumentalist, of Chilean descent, he describes the guitar has his “most important tool” – first plucking at its 6-strings in his early 20s, in response to heartbreak. The playing of Pat Metheny and Wes Montgomery subsequently becoming a primary influence. His album, La Calle Roja, successfully sonically translated the reds and golds of a Puerto Sagunto sunset, and was one of my top balearic records of 2018. 

The follow-up, Hora Azul, opens with previous single, Los Claveles 36 – a sublime strummed summer samba, that dances to the percussion of Pablo`s pal, Berlin Lama. This latin, Brazilian flavour, and Berlin`s fervor, also drives the bucolic bossa of Recuerdos. Señor Color constructs El Beso Y La Noche, “The Kiss Of Night” from acoustic dexterity, electric arcs, and dubwise effects. Painting pictures of blue skies crackling with the promise of a coming storm. Remixed by Miku-Mari and “Obscure Music” guru, Chee Shimizu, this track becomes perhaps the set`s centerpiece. The pair producing an eight-minute plus avant ambient float. A river of resonance, washed by sequences that flow like fresh water currents, and what could be pedal steel, as traditional Japanese / Asian elements drift in and out. Ethereal, but expanding to epic, emotional, proportions. Bird song just part of its shimmering whole. Illuminame is a languid, Peter Green-like blues, stroked, sedated, stoned, by the sun, while 9:32PM is a simmering heat haze of cicada song. Aire Nocturno pays tribute to John Martyn`s Small Hours, which I know is a firm favourite of Pablo`s. A tranquil twilight study for Swell guitar and Echoplex delay. Alpha Y Omega finds Color collaborating with Spanish post-rock master, Suso Saiz. Together they synthesize a sea, a deep ocean, of still, calm, sustain. El Abrazo, “Hug”, is fashioned from fine folk stylings, whose carefully crafted key changes will clear clouds from any horizon.

hora azul pablo color

Pablo Color`s Hora Azul is available to order from ISH Records. 

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