Juan Ramos  / Agua Del Cenote / ESP Institute

On Agua Del Cenote, Puerto-Rican American, Berlin-based, Juan Ramos sends squalls of machine feedback out over tick-tocking, slo-mo, robotic motorik funk. Chunky and chugging, cosmically connected, initiating a rhythmic ritual where Middle Eastern woodwinds vie with chopped-up chants. Powerful voodoo, psychedelic juju, novo new beat with a nod to DJ Vladimir Ivkovic’s Goan “trance”. Perhaps too barmy to be considered “balearic”, but a “funky alternative” for sure. Remixed by kosmische veteran – spar of Klaus Schulze and Manuel Gottsching – Harald Grosskopf AKA The Synthesist, the track gains an increased industrial edge. Its mid-tempo EBM habouring the ghosts of Buffalo Gal hollers. Clipped choral harmonies, serrated vocal samples, sinister whispers, hiding in the acidic, squelching, shadows of its ethno-techno, its android Andean march. Let It Go (Freaks Only) peppers bubbling code with pixelated pan-pipes, adds lyrical loops to its otherwise dark, Drexycian domain. The ripped-up rap hallucinatory hip-housing in a solid subversion of old school jack. On  Cuko, Juan creates an echoic environment, far gentler than its E.P. partners in tone. Its abstract arrangement, a seemingly random river of techno tributaries, of “organically” rippling, bouncing, colliding sequences and particles – sorta jazzy, a bit like label mate, Hoshina Anniversary`s recent Jomon. 

Juan Ramos : Agua Del Cenote

Juan Ramos` Agua Del Cenote E.P. will be released by ESP Institute on October 15th. 

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