Pete Herbert / PH Reworks Volume 3

Here comes a further fab volume of Pete Herbert`s proper, respectful, re-edits and reworks. It`s another superior selection of damn fine dubs, and slick extensions, for the discerning, working, balearic-ally inclined DJ. Taking in chart-topping `80s pop, secret, secluded, chill-out moments, electro-boogie, hi-energy, Italo, new wave jazz-funk, old Shoom favourties, and early Chicago acid outings. Beefing things up with rejigs that often render them almost unrecognizable, save for snatches of familiar themes and refrains. Teasing out bass-lines, reinforcing 4 / 4s, retro-fitting, un-proto-ing, proto-house. Looping, doubling, the dance-floor drama. Amplifying any afro / cosmic chug. Taking tropical timbres, clicking castanets, and latin brass, and sleekly, smoothly, making matters easier for mixers. Giving much-loved moments a new lease of life. 

Considering myself, vainly, to be an expert, an aficionado, the egotist in me burnt the files to a CD, blind, for the car. As I bombed around, doing the morning school run, I played “Beat The Balearic Intro”, attempting to ID the OG tracks, big-head-edly assuming that I`d get the lot. But I`ll  be blowed if I wasn’t lucky to score just 50%, and that was only because I`d been lucky enough to pick up one of the highlights on vinyl years before. A know all know nothing then. Proof that no-one`s got all the tunes. 

You can check out all 3 volumes of Pete Herbert`s handiwork here. 


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