Super review by Cal Gibson, of The Secret Soul Society and Scruffy Soul Recordings.

Hailing from Czechoslovakia and Romania and name-checking Joe Zawinul, Zappa, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancok, Spiritczualic Enhancement Center offer up free-flowing, loose-limbed, cosmically-inclined instrumental jams to get lost in. Structurally variable, bass-driven, but crucially not forgetting the funk in their desire to push at the boundaries. Mortality Management, for example, leaps out of the speakers with cryogenic vigour: guitars flailing over the time changes, horizons expanding, the drugs kicking in just outside of Nevada.

Carpet Inauguration tips its hat to those mythical flying carpet tales: microtonal mood music for the terminally maladjusted, drones for days, lysergic emanations for the lonely-hearted. Cinematic vibes given a darker twist, soundscapes for a world on fire.

My Silence Is Spanish ups the tempo and lightens the mood a little: squiggles of jazz fractals getting jiggy under the lights, synths squawking out kharmic displeasure, the drummer letting it all bang out: wonkier than a weekend with Damo Suzuki – you get the feeling that Mark E. Smith would have loved these guys. 

Freak anthems, then, the dispossessed reclaiming the right to the medicine cupboard. Melodies subsumed by sound, the eternal feedback of the acid-fried mind. Looking back to the phuture, stubbornly uncompromising in their quest for the wildest of wig-outs. Shaken, then stirred, then shaken some more. Wild times for wandering youths. Out (there) and proud. No chance whatsoever of going quietly into that dark night.

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center`s Carpet Album is out now on Kryptox. 

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