CCCVVV / Curriculum Vitae / Strangelove Music

CCCVVV`s Curriculum Vitae spins out like a soundtrack to a narrative, perhaps an adult fairy tale. The Brussels based duo of Clara Vellin and soFa delivering a set of authentic, sparse, `80s synth-pop, which possesses an overall enchanted air – a past midnight magic of toys and clockwork come to life. Synthetic waltzes of metallic textures and frozen chimes. soFa reciting his lines in a half-spoken teutonic manner that recalls Eevolute`s Wladamir M (though lyrically soFa is nowhere near as dystopian), while Clara flits between Italian and Spanish. Slinky and sleazy, and little gothic even, but not really dark. Swinging, kinky, but not full-on BDSM. Safe words are not required. Together they craft a quality cold wave cover of Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood’s Some Velvet Morning – shadowy and electronic, with Clara`s harp playing prettily above its obsidian throb and pulse.

Generationen is whistling, wistful, and romantic – it made me think of Hans-Joachim Roedelius` Fortress Of Love. Alla Porta Subito sort of skanks. Popping sound-effects and dub-wise claps of thunder pepper everything. Like a mixtape, or DJ set, the 10 pieces moving from icy atmospheres, slowly edging toward the dance-floor with busier electro beat-orientated outings, peaking with Ritmo Denso`s mid-tempo 4 / 4. 

CCCVVV`s Curriculum Vitae is released on November 19th, care of Strangelove Music.

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