You’ll Never Get To Heaven / Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train / Seance Centre

Alice Hansen and Chuck Blazevic, aka Slow Attack Ensemble, are You’ll Never Get To Heaven. They’ve been collaborating for close to a decade, and Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train is their latest album, set for release this Friday, care of Seance Centre. The press one-sheet cites Phil Yost`s Bent City as a major source of inspiration for the set of eight songs. The pair picking up on the multi-instrumentalist`s unique use of delay. 

Listening, ignorant, I`d have said that the album was / is heavily Kankyo Ongaku influenced. Taking the timbres, tones and textures, and the patient unhurried temperament, of those extended ambient / “environmental music” pieces – particularly the art of Hiroshi Yoshimura – and applying them to short pieces of fragile, ethereal pop. As a consequence, Japanese duo, Dip In The Pool, are another musical point of reference. The hushed hypnotic loops of fluid piano and marimba, treated sensitively via Chord Echo and Revox, the lullaby lyrics, whispered with a haunting lilt, all contribute to the record`s dream-like drift. The  compositions a combination of cooling, calming summer breezes, buoyed by fretless bass work, and graceful arrangements that aurally glisten like galaxies full of blinking, winking stars – illuminating, eavesdropping on intimate moments. Personally, on a first listen, this peaked and fell into place once I reached the penultimate track, Eternal Present. Alice’s Julee Cruise croon, a breathless reminder of classic `60s girl group glamour and David Lynch`s otherworldly roadhouse rock. 

Seance Centre will release You’ll Never Get To Heaven`s Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train on November 19th. 

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