Woolfy / Shooting Stars / Ritual Release

I love the original of Woolfy`s Shooting Stars. It`s a kind of crystalline ballad – a song to a muse – that chimes like Christmas. Lovingly lyrically laying out the importance of dreams, of making your own rules, and a belief that the impossible is possible. I love the Joe Meek meets The Shangri-Las meets Phil Spector sparkle. Is it me, or is there a “vogue” happening here, between this, Vendetta Suite, and David Holmes? A dance-floor merging of `60s girl groups and kosmische. Woolfy tops things off with a Bob Dylan-esque protest rap, our protagonist chanting, “I want my planet back!” – in a fashion that aligns him with Fontaines DC`s fantastic A Hero`s Death. Django Django`s Dave Maclean snaps that rap to slow military snares and a staggered electronic beat for his When Authority Attacks remix, while Poolside`s Turbotito spins things at a slightly speedier tempo – fully unleashing the tune`s potential to uplift. As with imprint Ritual Release`s previous single, Projections` Original Cell, this particular mix is destined to be seismic in certain circles, an anthem. Handclaps colliding with those chimes, and the guitar now boasting a Robert Fripp-Like infinite bent. As it drops a tab midway through,  it had me thinking of `80s Shoom sing alongs, end-of-the-night epics, such as The Thompson Twins` You Take Me Up. A proper piece of positive pop, and so, by default, Balearic. I could imagine Roger “The Hippie” Beard playing it.

At The End Of My Reach completes the package, opening with disintegrating blues arcs and mandolin picking. The vocal’s angelic ache stretching for a Morrissey faux falsetto, while there`s Johnny Marr in its jangle. I was wondering if the arrangement might actually be an homage to How Soon Is Now? – its backwards synths mimicking that famous treated tremolo`d riff.

Woolfy`s Shooting Stars will be available as of December 3rd, care of Ritual Release. 

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