A Mountain Of One / Dealer  / Amore

Mastered by Ricardo Villalobos, and with remixes from Ricardo on the way, A Mountain Of One release a second single as part of their 2021 relaunch. Boasting both vocal and instrumental versions, The Dealer, is basically electronic prog-rock – The Alan Parsons Projects` I Robot updated, upgraded, for the 21st Century. Shot out toward the stars and the future, in orbit, circa 2030. Built on an arrangement of chopped chunky chords and chimes – Tubular Bells and funky clavs – the track afro / cosmically chugs on rhythmic ripples and organ fills. Keys are flanged, acoustic strings are frantically strummed. The kick is a technological tribal thump. The production reminds me of Phil Manzanera`s legendary hook-up with LN-CC. There’s something of the Cos / Mes-es, The Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold, about its rich, luxuriant / voluptuous nature. It`s certainly psychedelic – everything here is treated, phased, and fucked with – and there are backwards solos on guitar and sitar. At one point the whole thing flips, and spins in reverse. With uplifting anthem ambitions and its magpie eyes on the prize of a post-pandemic open-air festival sing along, the lyric sounds to me as if it`s a celebration of “rave”. That truly transcendent moment that you only get dancing in a crowd – where unity is found, without individuality being lost. Instead, collectively strengthened, together, with likeminded souls.

A Mountain Of One`s Dealer is available to preorder directly from Amore. 

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