Roy Of The Ravers / Le Roy Soleil / Emotional Response

Roy Of The Ravers sets about subverting the dance with six leftfield “house” moments, plus a trippy interlude and a blues-y acoustic doodle. Thumbing his nose at those expecting “simple” extended TB-303 workouts. That said broken, bashed about, breakbeats and rude electronic bass rumbles do form the basis for the bulk of the beauties on offer – but in each case Roy turns in an eccentric twist. The results, therefore,4 / 4-ed aural experiments rather than “techno” per se. Twinning Roy, perhaps, with other, previous, “willful”, playful producers, such as Sidecut DB. The Smell Of Orange Peel, for example, is flipped into a kind of future fusion by the inclusion of some jazzy, Fender Rhodes-like keys, while its uncompromising concrete, breeze block, rhythm recalls those of UK pioneers, such as Ramjac and Reload. The tune that tops off Kliszewicz Klopcic Klim`s tumbling timpani tide could easily have been created in Joe Meek`s studio. The bionic bubbling, care of the BBC`s Radiophonic Workshop, and the crazy syncopation, Basil Kirchin. Roy filters the fuck out of El 9400 – reducing what could be a drum & bass sample to a tiny, tinny rattle. Rising and falling through phasing effects, the track`s acidic oscillations reach redemption, epiphany, as they hit and fade into a wall of new age nuanced sound. Versace 101624, meanwhile, is a 14-minute dance-floor suite to move your feet, and simultaneously soothe your head. Starting out moody, and magnificent, like Master C & J covering Marshall Jefferson’s House Music Anthem, all dark and synth-laden, midway it drops to hypnotic minimalism, for a menacing fractal-packed throb – breaking down further to faintly flickering, piano before shifting gear for a final “funky alternative” stomp. 

City Limits is the most “straight forward” cut – a kicking, and clicking piece of raw Chicago-influenced jack. With its metallically toned melody throwing build-the-box shapes, its one for the white gloves and whistles, glow sticks and Vic`s vapour rub, gang. Feathers is a loop-y lullaby in comparison. Full of clockwork toy chimes and nursery rhyme lyrics, it`s a shot of sweetly psychedelic pop, similar to the songs of sometime label-mate, Nick Nicely. Like Edward Lear on LSD. An owl and a pussycat on E. 

Roy Of The Ravers Le Roy Soleil is available directly from Emotional Rescue. Released digitally back in August, the vinyl is up for grabs now. 

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