Jacob Gurevitsch / Yellow Spaceship / Music For Dreams

Recorded between his studio in Copenhagen, Denmark and his hideaway in Palma, Mallorca, Jacob Gurevitsch`s new album, finds the acclaimed guitarist fronting a jazzier sound, and extending further into collaboration. All ten pieces feature not only his own poignant and passionately plucked acoustic Spanish and Cuban bolero patterns, but also some cool contrabass and a fine dusting of understated brushed drums. The rhythm section adding a more syncopated edge to arrangements that also include accordion and subtle orchestral strings. Everything swooning with a slow romantic swing. 

Mallorcan poet, Concha Buika, leads a lovers lament, in the shape of the sad but strong song, Melancolia, while Danish chanteuse Alice Carreri carries the lighter hearted La Ville. Mark Linn makes like Thomas “Scallywag” Lang, quietly crooning through Breathe`s intimate noir nightcap. On Song For Sol, trumpeter Lars Vissing demonstrates his Chet Baker chops and delivers a dose of measured, muted blue horn. 

The album takes its title from a story told at the funeral of a great friend that Jacob sadly lost – a spirit now said to be manning a Yellow Spaceship, on a mission to spread good vibes from galaxy to galaxy. From start to finish it`s a flawless score for some time spent wistfully remembering summers past, while also optimistically dreaming of those to come. 

Jacob Gurevitsch`s Yellow Spaceship will be launched on January 28th, care of Music For Dreams. 

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