Ban Ban Ton Ton X The Chillout Tent

This week’s Remedy attempts to join the dots between `70s Irish jazz-fusion and Four Tet records spun at the wrong speed – stopping off to slot in some recently purchased dub, and pay tribute to the brilliant, beautiful Betty Davis. 

If that synopsis doesn’t put you off then you can find far more details about the music played in not one, but two posts, over with our amigos at The Chillout Tent. 

As a taste / tease, I`ll leave you with a contemporary of Betty’s, the super cool Annette Peacock and her perfect Pony 

These all get a spin….

Betty Davis - Anti Love SongEarl Zero - City Of The Weak HeartHugh Mundell - Ital SipPlaid - SpudinkNuron - MinutesFour Tet - DreamerBuntús RinceRuth CopelandAnnette Peacock - Pony

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