Hubbabubbaklubb / Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer Remixed / Snorkel Records

Hubbabubbaklubb have had the whole of their 2018 LP, Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer, remixed. If you wanted to generalize then you could use the words “Dub House Disco” to describe the collection, which runs to whopping eight sides of vinyl. Many, if not all, of the tracks are bass-heavy, sub-submerged, muted, and owe a production debt to pioneers like King Tubby and Lee Perry. Tempos moving between boogie and fast and filtered. Often with a little of the old “French Touch” about them. Mixing multi-tracked, Beach Boys-esque, vocals with freaky fusion flourishes and often referencing the `80s and the `90s. All of it warm and deep. A damn fine example would be the opening offering from Raaja Bones. 

Reworking Konkylie, Telephones sends bottom-end aquatics bubbling through tribally-tinged beats. Flickering, trippy dubwise drum rattles and fancy electric fretwork fleshing out the ever-evolving epic. Bjørn Torske has the folky Fjellet surrender to a delay-drenched second-half. Androo adds his trademark 21st Century reggae rub to Intensjon – its piano stepping to a volley of rimshots. Mystic Jungle & Whodamanny makeover the much-loved Balearic chugger, Mopedbart, as mid-tempo`d novo Neapolitan funk. Carried by congas and clonking cowbell. Domenique Dumont gives Flyvende Flyndre a new wave edge – its main riff like Duran Duran doing Chic.

Axel Boman turns Et Annet Sted into speedy garage. Joyful and buoyant. Eddie C´s Motorbike Remix of Eddie & Suzanne is quality pop – which pinches Bob James` Mardi Gras percussion and an old school Pumpkin / Spoonie Gee break. It`s something throughly recommended for fans of folks like Phantom Island`s Fuga Ronto. Flammer Dance Band`s reading of Den Hvite By is horny, Moog-y, groovy afrobeat. MLU´s Scandolearic Acid Mix of Lasaron introduces some TB-303 effervescence.  

Lucas Croon`s overhaul of Oslofiffen is the only slice of slo-mo on show. Balancing Balearic and new beat influences via a dark, electronic dance-floor emissions – while packing the emotional punch of a Vangelis cinematic end-credits theme. Philip Budny re-renders Virkelighet as a piano peppered big room banger – shot through with shimmering cymbals and fluid underwater effects. The compilation then climaxes with Lipelis` classy, Loose Joints-like lick of Lille Søte Svanse. The badass b-line sounds live, and the cascading keys lend the cut a truly tropical feel. A sublime solo topping off this final piece of sonic treasure, and a totally storming set. 

Hubbabubbaklubb`s Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer Remixed is out now, on Snorkel Records.

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