Ban Ban Ton Ton X The Chillout Tent

This week’s Remedy was a show of two halves – one celebrating the music of Mark Lanegan, and the other a handful of selections inspired by The Summerisle Trio`s recent single on Golden Lion Sounds. 

Mark Lanegan - Soulsavers

I’ve written about Mark`s collaboration with Isobel Campbell at some length already, but this guest spot with Soulsavers has also been on rotation since the singer / songwriter`s sad passing…

summerisle trio willows song

Unfortunately there are no clips of The Summerisle Trio`s terrific cover of Willows Song available online, so to wet your whistle, gently jangle your jingalo, here’s the equally wonderful original version from cult folk horror flick, The Wicker Man

To find out more about the music played during the broadcast, and the reasons behind why it`s been spun, please check the not one, but two posts, over with our friends at The Chillout Tent. 

Also please don’t forget that Chris and Matt takeover London’s Spiritland, in Kings Cross, this Sunday,  as part of their fortnightly residency. Do get down there and join `em if you can, it`s sure to be a good one.

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