Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter / Fly Me to the Moon / Seance Centre

Seance Centre`s second shot of Speculative Ethnography comes care of Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter. The Canadian production duo present four tracks / treatments where the familiar is fogged, tweaked and freaked, beyond easy recognition. Made alien and uncanny. Creating enchanted, slightly spooky sonic spaces, abstract Jon Hassell-ian atmospheres. Where a solitary piano proves the source for a vast array of sympathetic sounds, and unidentified hammered and plucked notes dissolve into distortion and rattle. Vocals fly around like busy honey bees. Buzzing in and out of focus. 

A slow-motion subjection to dubwise effects sends any traditional instrumentation through a musical mylar chamber. Their frequencies warped and fractured in aural funhouse mirrors, and there are blasts of boom, bass heavy explosions, throughout. On Winterhaze, the pair manipulate a muted brass  / reed melody, so that it seems to be singing, as they send in tiny snatches of rapid, frantic, drum & bass rhythms. Fragmented flashes of racing, accelerated ancient tribal shadows of “old school” jungle, hardcore, and rave. 

Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter`s Fly Me to the Moon is out now on Seance Centre.

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