The Sound Of Now / Music For Ukraine / Test Pressing

Mudd & Pollard`s Mawson`s Walk is a conga-fueled funky folk groove. Imagine Tullio de Piscopo`s Stop Bajon – Primavera! – transported from an Adriatic beach to the UK`s New Forest. Lexx`s exclusive extension of Prelude To Happiness is soulful, sophisticatedly smudged, instrumental hip hop, while his Wonz Upon A Time pays tribute to the classic, conscious, Chicago jack, of Marshall Jefferson and Harry Dennis. Showers of celestial machined hand-claps, loon birds, and all. Fellow Phantom Islanders, Fuga Ronto, make with the modern exotica on their contribution, Daydreams – a magical cowbell rattling, tambourine tapping Moments In Love-esque movement. Apiento & Tepper deliver a dynamite street soul-influenced, “jeep beat” dub of Down That Road. Its sunset serenity off-set by a speaker shaking bottom end growl. Acid bubbling away at its edges. Noche Espanola remix Cantoma`s Verbana, turning it into a balearic deep house banger. Borrowing from Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle, in just the same way as those cheeky Italians did back in the day, while adding saucy, seductive sax, and a touch of tasteful Spanish guitar. Johnny Rock reinvents Ponty Mython`s Jealous Lover as a rough, raw, illegal warehouse rave reverberating soundclash of dance-floor 4 / 4 and reggae. The devilish detail throwing off blinding build-the-box fractals. Trevor Jackson teams up with Billie Ray Martin for No Control – a slow, warped, sleazy shot of mind-bending bass pressure that demands full submission. An obsidian oscillation that`s the musical equivalent of of a strobe-lit dominatrix dungeon, or glory hole, over which an uncharacteristically restrained Billie Ray seriously simmers. Persian`s Dunya 2 is a MENA and DNB informed, strictly roots sampling, sub-woofer worrier. Asa Moto`s Wanowan Efem is a super sought-after plugged-in pop fusion oddity. Telephones` Genesis runs a scratched and bumping, but blissed-out break under reflective piano ripples. Raymond Richards` Paradise, California is a perfect pastoral piece of pedal-steel American cosmic. Hats off to Test Pressing and all the artists and labels involved. 

The Sound Of Now : Music For Ukraine : Test Pressing


The Sound Of Now / Music For Ukraine is available exclusively from Test Pressing. All proceeds will be split between the Red Cross and the Disaster Emergency Committee. 

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