Wrekin Havoc / Edits For Ukraine

Wrekin Havoc follow-up their Playing With Fire E.P. with 5 new tracks, available digitally, with all proceeds again going to charity, in this case, UNICEF`s Emergency Appeal, to help provide humanitarian aid in war-torn Ukraine. 

The West Midlands trio of magic mushroom munching self-proclaimed music fiends continue to “Stay Gold”, despite global crisis after global crisis, and deliver some more of their Eurocentric “Brexit-busting, eccentric, exotic pop.”

Slap My Ass is bright `80s, polished Trevor Horn / ZTT business, boasting clipped jazz-funk guitar and bionic brass fanfares. Set to a Balearic boogie tempo, it`s bound to bother dance-floors the world over.  

Expanded Universe is another re-edited well under the radar record, blissed-out and bathed in flickering frequencies and submarine sonar blips.  

Bohemian Cassidy is a tongue-in-cheek sonic soft porno, a percussive slow sorta batucada, broken by orgasmic outbursts in French. Think Malcolm McLaren`s Call A Wave, as remixed by Italy`s DFC, meets Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin`s saucy late `60s love-in.

One Million Fingers balances a bouncing b-line and cool electric strum, positioning its groove somewhere between Pino Daniele and Pink Floyd`s Another Brick In The Wall. It`s a super slice of Italian singer / songwriting, in the mode of Lucios Dalla and Battisti, where the fantastic 6-string flourishes are effectively extended out to essentially a 7-minute solo. 

Mucky Paster features near operatic vocals, Fairlight trickery, and thunder-thumbed bass. A Scottish synth pop cover of Shuggie Otis` classic, Strawberry Letter 23, when it comes to Cosmic Club crackers, it could have been a serious contender. 

Wreckin Havoc Edits For Ukraine

Wrekin Havoc`s Edits for Ukraine are available exclusively on Bandcamp. All proceeds from sales will go to UNICEF`s Emergency Appeal. 

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