Richard Sen / My Definition Of Funk / Public Release Recordings

Original UK graffiti outlaw and acid house veteran, Richard Sen, returns to deliver My Definition Of Funk to San Franciscan, Eugene Whang`s Public Release Recordings. Sen supplying 3 shots of his trademark obsidian, strobe-lit sonics.

Social Science is icy, Kraftwerk-ian electro, while Smoke & Mirrors boasts more block-rocking beats. Hitting like a slightly more human counterpart to Art Of Noise’s Close To The Edit, full of dubbed-out detail, its main riff is eviscerated, reduced to ricochets, by echo. 

The epic 9 minute titular tune hurtles down its track like an arpeggiated Italo-disco-inspired ecstasy express. Starting off as a kick, an urgent pulse, a big ass bottom-end throb, Richard slides in a shuffling break, one borrowed from Holy Ghost Inc.`s Mad Monks On Zinc – which`ll ring a bell with old ravers everywhere.  I think “The Ghost” actually took this bite from The Black Dog, who themselves likely sourced it from some forgotten dusty jazz LP. Whatever its origin, it adds significant syncopation to Richard`s dark, shadowy dance. Full of the same great, grimy, giallo textures as his Padded Cell gear, machines scream like passing trains in a pitch black tunnel, as it travels the long journey into night, through delirium, toward dawn and the light. 

Richard Sen`s My Definition Of Funk is out now, on Public Release Recordings.

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