DJs For Climate Action / Earth Night / April 22nd – April 24th 

This is a topic that`s close to The Insider`s heart. For all their joking about “Hot House Tips”, our resident 4-to-the-floor expert is a very vocal and active advocate of the need to address climate change. DJs For Climate Action is something that they’ve been passionate about for years now. 

Copy of Copy of LOGO_DJS4CA

Since its inception in 2011, this intercontinental collective has organized a host of events aimed at raising climate crisis awareness, and funds for groups attempting to aid our ailing planet. Targeting the younger, dancing, generation, something central to the project is Earth Night. Effectively a weekend-long global festival commencing on the evening of Earth Day, April 22nd. 

After being forced online for the past 2 years, with COVID restrictions being lifted everywhere – with the glaring, and frankly terrifying, exception of China – the 5th celebration is currently set to encompass shindigs held in 15 different countries. Each one is being asked to adhere strictly to the NPO / NGO`s ecological principles, their “Future Vision” – in employing only renewable energy, reducing single-use plastics, and eliminating travel emissions by booking only local talent. 

As a venue owner, or party promoter, if you’d like to participate, become part of the solution rather than the problem, you can find out more, and sign up, here. 


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