Jezebell / Dancing (Not Fighting)

Jezebell join the growing ranks of artists releasing music to raise funds for the victims of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. In this case, for a generous donation you receive four mixes of a track entitled, Dancing (Not Fighting). The tune taking its name from a sampled snatch of dialogue – which just might be Mick Jones from The Clash. 


The original mix is a mad post-punk-funk Radio Babylon-esque “mash-up” – borrowing its assorted boisterous breaks from the same place as Weatherall & Nicolson, and Double Dee & Steinski. Collaging cowbell with crazy castanets. Looping, phasing, and filtering, the lot. The Bedford MGS add sleazy TB-303 gurgling, sirens, and a ragged guitar riff, which they run both backwards and forwards. The Rhythm Stix Mix is barely tamed by a more obvious 4 / 4, while laser-blasts from Tyrone Brunson`s The Smurf, ensure that for any over-40 body-poppers listening it`s a rollicking race down memory lane. Similarly, the final Drop Acid Not Bombs version is a full-on `88, second summer of love, acid house flashback. The Todd Terry-esque drums and rave klaxons will have you thinking that you’re partying at Nicky Holloway`s Trip.


Jezebell`s Dancing (Not Fighting) is available via Bandcamp. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. 

One thought on “Jezebell / Dancing (Not Fighting)

  1. Love this song. Glad you blogged it and that you pointed out that the vocal sample is Mick not Joe- which I think knew when I typed Joe at my post. Especially as the clip’s in Rude Boy which I’ve watched umpteen times.

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