Parkway Rhythm / Be Yourself / Parkway Records

Parkway Rhythm’s latest righteous rave reconnaissance mission is a pean to individuality, encouraging everybody, ONE AND ALL, to Be Yourself. Most definitely HOUSE, the BPMs are, characteristically for Parkway, bumped down a just little, to give the track their trademark, chunkier, sound. 

Treated, twisted and echoed, vocal samples fly around, spreading positivity. Bouncing about between bright Boyd Jarvis-esque synth riffs. Man, the music really got me. On the surface the song appears to be simplicity itself, deceptively so, as the best tunes often are, where only a handful of elements are expertly woven into a wonderfully uplifting workout. The B-line, for example, is one fat hog. Burping like a baritone do-wop robot. Plus, I`m a sucker for the hypnotic clonk of that classic Nightwriters cowbell – it`s ringing has me instantly high, as if I were Pavlov’s dog, drooling, expecting dinner. Following a short, building, intro the instrumentation very quickly comes together. The combination kinda cascading, and sure to cause considerable dance-floor delirium. 

On the flip, a stripped-back, Indubpendent Mix puts a firm focus on the bass, while its deeper, teased-out, dynamic creates plenty of space for fruggers to get lost in, at the same time effortlessly welcoming a few more classy keyboard vamps. 

Parkway Records Logo

For news of this release, tune-in to “Power Mix” powerhouse, Parkway Records.

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