Black Children Sledge Funk Group / Love Is Fair / Afrodelic – By Cal Gibson

Super review by Cal Gibson, of The Secret Soul Society and Scruffy Soul Recordings.

The first fruits of an Afrocentric offshoot of the most excellent Italian imprint, Cinedelic,  see a couple of lost classics from Nigeria dug out and rewound – the brilliant Eclados album, The World Is Full of Injustice, from 1973, and this equally superb offering from the Black Children Sledge Funk Group, Love Is Fair.

The vibe is wonderful, focusing on a purely positive blend of funked-up Afro-reggae – sounding just as tight and as righteous in 2022 as it did on its initial release in 1976. Eight tracks, eight shots of dance-floor nirvana, primed and ready to rumble.

Opener, Satisfaction, highlights Michael Hammedatha Moore’s vocal chops, over a bubbling Hammond groove: bluesy guitar licks complete the sound. Moore handing out homilies for a good life, the band staying tight, the groove locked and loaded. Mr Who rides a scratchy guitar foundation with unbridled abandon – the lithe interplay between drums and bass, all late-night momentum and early morning throwdowns – funky, lightfooted, irresistible.

There is indeed a lightness throughout the whole album, a joy in the dance, young musicians having the time of their lives – in truth it’s a real privilege to hear these super rare cuts again, immortalised on vinyl, echoing down through the years and across the continents. Timeless joy, in essence.

Funky Child is perhaps the standout, loose yet in the pocket – rolling over the organ again, insistent guitar figures, slicker than slick backing vocals underpinning another great main vocal performance: imagine Cymande sprinkled with Lagos feels and you’re in the right area for sure.

Truth be told the Eclados album is equally as unmissable: get them both and cast yourself back in time, chasing the good groove to its original source – before focusing once again on the future. Music as always proving that time doesn’t really exist, its always and forever this moment, then this moment, then this. A great introduction to the Afrodelic vibe: I’m looking forward to whatever’s coming next.

Black Children Sledge Funk Group`s Love Is Fair is out now, on Cinedelic / Afrodelic.

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