Third Attempt’s underappreciated Norwegian “Unclassics” – By The Insider

Tromso`s Beatservice Records are about to release Third Attempt`s third album, The Novel Sound. The Oslo-born artist is still only 23. Real name, Torje Fagertun Spilde, his new 10-track long-player nods toward a smooth, sophisticated, 1990s downtempo heyday. To my ears, at least, he’s paying homage to “trip hop”, the bumping, Balearic friendly, boogie of Acid Jazz bods, such as IZIT, and the genre-blurring output defunct London imprint, Dorado. As a set, it`s a musical melting pot of breaks, beats, and very impressive, jazzy keyboard runs. The productions are peppered with found sounds, and samples. Sitar strains, gospel hollers, blues and wah-wah licks. Snatches, snippets, of classic hip hop. Re-contextualized, repurposed dialogue, messages, from vintage movies and `80s public access cable TV. He even squeezes in some TB-303 acid flashes. 

Since Torje is clearly continuing his homeland’s rich, “disco” lineage – following in the footsteps of, standing on the shoulders of, gyrating giants such Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Rune Lindbaek – our resident four-to-the-floor expert, The Insider, asked the young chap to list a few perhaps under the radar Norwegian classics, that we outsiders might have missed. 

Words and selections by Torje Fagertun Spilde. Idea instigated by The Insider. 

Ugress – Loungemeister – 2002

Ugress – Loungemeister

Proper Nordic Funk. This one is a proper party starter, with the catchiest flute lick coming in around the middle. 

Erot – Haribo – 1997

Erot – Haribo

The track speaks for itself. Emotional, peak dancefloor material. RIP Tore.

Bugge Wesseltoft – Change – 2001

Bugge Wesseltoft – Change

For the Jazz heads. Bugge is a legend and has become a good friend of mine over the last year, through our mentorship – all arranged by Talent Norge. The groove here is top tier, upright acoustic bass, unbeatable percussion, and the craziest Rhodes solo from the man himself. Making it impossible to stand still.

Rune Lindbæk – OK Kjør Romskip – 2001

Rune Lindbæk – Ok Kjør Romskip

My man Rune with the low tempo groove. Featuring otherworldly FX and a sick synth solo. Means “OK, go spaceship”.

Flammer Dance Band – Leverer Litt Sjel – 2018

Flammer Dance Band – Leverer Litt Sjel

“Delivering some soul”. This one is just an insane groove. These guys are probably the funkiest guys around at the moment. Big, big fan. The music video is 10/10 and never fails to set me in the right mood.

Hubbabubbaklubb – Tomme Lommer – 2017

Hubbabubbaklubb – Tomme Lommer

“Empty Pockets”. Such a carefree vibe and just overall a good time. Hubbabubbaklubb make me proud to be a Norwegian man… 

Paronsoda – World Wide – 2001

Paronsoda – World Wide

Bad ass breakbeat track which I am surprised isn’t more popular. I love the arrangement and the happy mood the tune builds throughout! Good vibes.

Sternklang – Dealwithit – 1999

Sternklang - Dealwithit

Major groovy blend between hip hop, techno and funk. Old school sound.

Henrik Villlard & Anders Hajem – Night Out – 2021

Henrik Villlard & Anders Hajem

From my Oslo-based friends comes this criminally underrated beauty. I especially love the patient build up, ambient atmosphere, and broken beats that are introduced throughout. Shoutout to BCR Records which is killing it lately. 

Mental Overdrive – Child – 1995

Mental Overdrive Plug

A nod to the IDM days. Strong ambient track with a damn near perfect sequence of synths. A highly hypnotic soundscape. 

Third Attempt’s The Novel Sound is released tomorrow, May 13th, on Beatservice Records. 

third attempt novel sound beatservice records

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