Music For Dreams` White Isle Season Starters / May 2022

Here`s a whistle-stop tour through a small selection of what Copenhagen-based institution, Music For Dreams, have planned for the summer season, as The White Isle reopens her doors…beginning with Bahar, Islandman`s beefed-up, campfire stomp. Acoustic guitar plucked and picked over a bulbous electronic b-line, and haunted by hammered dulcimer harmonics.

Subnesia`s Simple Life is a sleazy Euro-disco swagger. With a lyric delivered in a deep Dieter Meier-esque baritone, the song sounds a little like sometime label-mates, Laidback. A blast of brass makes the thing really swing. Trumpet or trombone, I can’t quite tell, but either way it`s terrific. 

Residentes Balearicos` Contigo is a Spanish serenade, mixing more graceful guitar, and a marimba melody, with floating, feather-like synths. 

Bumping on sunset, and boasting some barmy baby doll vocal samples is Jamie Porteous` La Vida en Bici. Chunky, chugging, and kinda collaged, it counters those squeaky exclamations with macho chanting and snatches of found dialogue. 

Islandman returns to remix DJ Pippi & Willie Graff`s Piel A Piel – turning the tune, from their forthcoming album, Follow Your Dreams, into a perpetually peaking piece of sonic seduction. The sexily synergising 6-string dexterity and rising and falling swells, summoning an air that`s nocturnal, nude.  

willie pippi follow your dreams

Patrick Jahn`s Corrados Beach dances to spinning, fizzing sequences, and a bucolic balalaika-like refrain, while washes, waves, of what sounds like treated birdsong, create a calming cacophony. 

Patrick Jahn

WILLIE boogies at Midnight In Milan. Rheinzand cover Level 42`s Love Games. I have to admit that I’m a bit biased on this one, as the OG soundtracked my first – teenage – heartbreaks. Scored all those unrequited, plots and schemes, and the eternal question, “Why don’t nice girls like me?” A jot of introspective white-socked jazz-funk, that’s sort of the flip-side of Freeez`s Southern Freeez (another big tune for me back then), I wore my copy out. No doubt. Rheinzand`s remake rocks, muscular and machined. 

Troels Hammer`s Memorial Mountains is a beatless ballet of crystalline chimes, pirouetting piano and symphonic strings. 

Venezuelan Vinicio Adames assembles his almost acapella, Guaral, from interlocking fragments of echoed acoustic strum and splintered orchestral accompaniment. 

To close Copenema team up with saxophonist, Rodrigo Sha, and guitarist, Mauricio Pessoa. Together they pay tribute to Stan Getz and João Gilberto, and tackle the latter`s classic, Estate – submitting a sun-stroked bossa nova, that`s rubbing the sleep from its post-siesta eyes, readying itself for another long journey into night, full of adventure and surprise. A shot of smokey, after-hours, jazz-noir, it`d make suitable backing for some poetic, hard-boiled, gum-shoe, narration. A romantic rumination on love and loss. 

A few of these things are still under wraps, but the bulk of them can  be found on Music For Dreams Bandcamp page. 

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