Fürsattl / Rheinlust / Claremont 56

Claremont 56 do the right thing, and righteously reissue Fürsattl`s in-demand Rheinlust – collecting not just the 2 epic numbers from the outfit`s sole 12, but also adding tracks from compilations, plus a previously unreleased tune. While everything doffs its cap to La Düsseldorf, Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother, and Neu! there are nuances that differentiate each individual piece. The title track, for example, within its ringing repeating guitar riffs and buzzing synths, contains a kind of rough, punk energy, when compared to its counterparts. Creating a speeding side of totally euphoric motoring motorik, that’ll leave your cares in the rearview mirror. Links Der Pegnitz marries magical 6-string microtones to a bouncing almost disco b-line. It`s a masterclass in modern kosmische. An arrangement full of anticipation and excitement, that well and truly gets its groove on, it brings the sunshine whenever it spins. Its mojo locked tight, soaring on swells, aerial spirits aloft. Climbing, building to hand clapping, and then stopping. Leaving you close to the summit, catching your breath. 

Leerlauf races on snares, like a runaway train down its track. Backwards bass rumbling, beneath some great guitar picking. Coming on like Joy Division breaking out of the Atrocity Exhibition and into the light. It`s a daydream-inducing rhythmic reverie, that peaks, plateaus, and then peaks again.

Haru is a jazzier joint. Gentler, a calm, as opposed to a rush. Taking its time to introduce every new element, such as a cool countrified twang, it`s still part Hallogallo, but also part Ashra`s Oasis. 

New track, Fur Paul starts out ambient, verging on symphonic, surfing uplifting sustained chords, before rising, regrouping as an infectious mid-tempo mover. Honed into a heavenly, hypnotic dancer. Parting clouds and painting the sky a clear, optimistic, blue. 

Fürsattl`s Rheinlust will be released on July 1st. You can order a copy directly from Claremont 56. 

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